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Who We Are


Gurung Beauty Parlour & Academy Pvt. Ltd. is a family owned business started by Mrs.Chinu Gurung  in 1995 AD. She decided to start her own salon & use all the experience & gained to implement them with her own philosophy. Now we have around one dozen branch offices which have been providing quality service and meeting the top notch service demand of customer for over two decades.

Our aim is to give our costumers a variety of treatments that provide great results & great value for money. First & foremost as & aim to satisfy each & every clients that visits our salon. I am delighted to be providing my full range of beauty treatments to clients.

Gurung Beauty Parlour & Academy Pvt. Ltd. was first established in the S & S Complex, New Road and later sub-branches were introduced in different places inside and outside Pokhara Valley. It has been very successful in maintaining its regular clients and businesses.Here at Gurung Beauty Parlour, everyone is dedicated and trained to cater the beauty needs of ladies along with good Client Service etiquette.

Today Gurung Beauty Parlour & Academy is considered as one of the Nation’s leading businesses in terms of Revenue generation and Customer satisfaction in the field of Beauty Salon. Credit for this status quo goes to the good and hard work of its Team and to the Vision of its Leader.


We provide quality services to our customers and  give best learning tools to our students. We bring a bouquet of services that pamper our clients to remain worry free about their looks.


At Gurung Beauty Parlour, we pride ourselves on being the best from the latest beauty equipment & beauty treatment to highly trained person.


Gurung Beauty Parlour’s goal is to provide first class customer service to all clients, unbeatable cleanliness & most importantly, convenience.

Our Branch Office

Gurung Beauty Parlour

Prithvi Chowk, Pokhara

Gurung Beauty Parlour

Bhatbhateni Superstore, Newroad

Gurung Beauty Parlour

Chipledhunga, Pokhara

Gurung Beauty Parlour

Bagar, Pokhara

Gurung Beauty Parlour

Dulegauda, Tanahun

Fun Facts

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